A Sadist and a Brat

A fantasy post…


Tenderly he touched my lips. I was standing directly in front of him, breathing in his scent. My eyes closed automatically, but kept fluttering open to watch him watching me. His finger brushed over my bottom lip as his hand cupped my face. I opened my eyes again and got lost in his. We just stood there, moments passing between as. Soft, sweet, nurturing even, his gaze held mine. I swallowed and glanced at his lips again. I wanted him to kiss me, but I knew better than to even tilt in some. I looked back up at him and he smiled slightly, knowing that I was asking anyway.

He leaned in, slowly. Ever the sadist, he stopped a breath before my lips and chuckled softly. Before I could analyze or speculate about the chuckle, he crushed his lips to mine. The heat was instantly turned up and I kissed him back with enthusiasm. He tasted sweet, like honey and wine. I inhaled through my nose and pushed into him a bit, demanding more from him. Smiling through his kiss, he chuckled again. He pulled back a bit and looked at me.

I wanted to ask so many questions. I wanted more kisses. I couldn’t move, glued to the spot, unsure of what I was even supposed to do. My mind kept trying to tell me to calm down but I ignored it. My hormones were in charge now and they wanted sex, dammit.

He pushed me up against the wall and took my wrists into his hands. Holding them above my head he crushed me again, this time with his entire body as well as his mouth. I moaned slightly as I sank back into the wall giving him more control, submitting even further.

He traveled down my chin, and then followed it up to my ear lobe. He bit down, teeth pulling as he breathed hot and heavy air over the side of my neck. I sighed and then sharply inhaled when he let go of my ear and sunk his teeth into the side of neck. I leaned to the side to give him more access.

He let go of my arms and pulled back to undo the button on my shirt. I started to lower my arms and he growled at me and shot me a look. Smiling I raised my arms back up to the position he had put them in, but they were there for scarcely ten seconds before he reached around and grabbed my ass, lifting me up. My legs wrapped around his torso and I gasped.

“Where?” He asked me, roughly, clearly ready to just lay me down and fuck my brains out.

“Anywhere” I breathlessly replied and kissed him. He bit my lip and sucked on it and then bit my tongue. He pulled back from the wall and I wrapped my arms around his neck for more security in his hold.

“I’ve got you.” he said as he walked down the hall. He looked the dining room and then into the den and headed straight for the couch. He dropped me on the cushions and then smothered me with his body, his mouth seeking in mine once again. A hand slipped up my shirt and he grabbed my nipple and pinched. I sucked in air and laughed a little. Yes! I thought as he moved to the other nipped and tugged on it.

My nipples were still sore from the clamps a few nights ago, but as a masochist with an experienced Sadist, I knew I was in good hands and that this was for my pleasure as well as his. I arched my back into him, raising my groin to his. He growled again and ripped my shirt off the rest of the way, kissing down my chest, over my belly and towards my panties.

“Grab onto the arm of the couch” he whispered against my skin, licking around my belly button.

My arms went behind my head and I held on.

“Good girl.” He said when he glanced up to confirm my obedience. “You should be rewarded for that” his breath tickled the skin above my panties. He used his tongue to travel around the edges of my lacy thong and then grabbed onto it with his teeth and pulled them down. His hands took over so that he could spend more time licking and nibbling and biting around the edges of my soaked pussy.

I purred under him, trying to remember to hang on to the couch and trying not to let go and shove his mouth onto my clit. A finger slipped inside of me and he began to finger fuck me as he continued to tease me, kissing everywhere except for my main pleasure points. I moaned again.

“Don’t you dare cum without permission” he aimed his words directly at my pussy but he looked me in the eyes while he said it.

“I won’t….OH GOD YES!” I wasn’t expecting him to suck on it quite so quickly. His mouth covered the hood of my clit and he scraped his teeth along it. I came.

“I’m going to get you for that” He said and he pulled my panties off the rest of the way. “Later.” he mumbled before returning to kissing my second set of lips.

“Mhmmmmm” I murmured back, and images of all the sadistic things he could do with me conjured themselves into my mind.

Tenderly, sweetly, he kissed my inner thighs his hand still pumping fingers in and out of me. I came again.

He stopped. Stood up and pulled off his belt… slowly. His eyes on mine the entire time.

“Flip over”. I flipped over quickly, eyeing the belt as I went.

“Oh yes, little one, I intend to use it to redden up your ass.” He hissed out the last word. Sir doesn’t curse. He doesn’t allow me to curse when I am around him. I smiled into the couch cushion and tightened my butt cheeks.

The smacks of the belt came down hard and swift, one right after another. I lost count after five and allowed myself to sink into subspace a bit.

“Suck” he ordered. I didn’t even hear him walk over to me. I hadn’t even noticed that he had put the belt on the floor, but when my eyes saw it, my brat side came out instantly.

I looked him in the eye and smiled, but shook my head no. Dr. Grimm straightened up, like steel standing in front of me. I broke out into a full grin and stood back up, turned and walked a single step before my hair was wrapped around his hand and his breath was on my neck.

“Where do you think you are going, Slut?” He demanded of me. I couldn’t see him but I knew he was smiling. The sadist in him loves the brat in me. I leaned back into him, smiling but with my eyes downcast.

He tugged my hair and reach around to pinch my nipple. “Little girls do not run away from their Doms and they definitely do not ignore their orders.” His voice was as cold as ice. He bit down on my neck as he pinched harder on my nipple and tugged. His other hand wrapped around my throat. I moaned into him, my entire body leaning on him. If he moved an inch I would fall.

The abuse of my poor nipple continued. That’s going to hurt in the morning. I thought happily. He tugged on it again and I hissed. “Go get the clover clamps.” He ordered and released me. He turned and walked back into the room I had tried to leave. I ran upstairs to grab the clamps and came back down. He had taken off his shirt and was holding his belt in his right hand. The way he just stood there, waiting, my heart paused for a moment as I drank the scene in.

“I’m sorry, Daddy” I pouted prettily as I walked back in the room, letting the brat apologize. But I grinned doing so.

“You will be.” He simply stated and then pointed to his feet. I knelt in front of him and held up the clamps in my hand. He first sucked on each nipple, biting hard to make it harder just before he clamped them.

“Stand, turn, and bend over the couch” he commanded.

Slowly, ever so slowly I stood up. I turned slowly and felt the belt whip the side of my leg. “Now, girl!” He growled at me. I chuckled. I love this. I cannot help but laugh in pure joy from it.

“Yes, Sir!” I hissed at him, still grinning.

I had barely touched the cloth of the couch when the first strike over my ass landed. I sucked in air again and turned my head to look at him.

“Oh yes. You will be sorry.” He stated again. “Thank me after each one.”

I turned back quickly before the next strike. All of them were hard. All of them made me twist and squeal or cry out in one way or another. All of them were followed by squawked thank yous before the next one landed.

He paused after at least 10 and felt my pussy. “You are such a pain slut” he said, putting his now dripping fingers into my mouth. I sucked him clean, silently agreeing with him.

He turned and picked up the cane in the corner of the room. I gasped again, excited and now nervous. I love the cane. I love it. But damn that thing can hurt when swung right. And Dr. Grimm knows how to make it sting, hard, without breaking the skin or doing permanent damage. Which means, I am about to get a giant spanking for direct disobedience and part of me is going to crave more of it when this is over. It pushes my pain levels quickly.

“Because you are such a pain slut, I am blindfolding you.” He said as he wrapped the blindfold over my eyes and tied it up into my hair. If I moved around too much it pulled and tugged at my hair, almost painfully.

“And because you disobeyed me, I’m taking away your ability to hear me move around the room.” He put headphones on my ears but pulled them back a bit as he gave me my last two orders.

“Do not let these headphones fall off of your head. They are expensive and I like my toys. I don’t want them broken. Your safe word is red. I will not ignore it, but if you call it out we will take a short break and then continue until I feel you have learned your lesson.”

And he let go of the headphones and adjusted them. Music filled my ears. All of my nerves went on high alert. The only sense I had left at this point was scent. And then I smelled the candle. Fuuuuuuck I thought as images of hot wax dripping on my skin sprang to mind.

As the sounds of comptine d’un autre été played in my ears I struggled to hold still. Rope bound my wrists. The feeling of it against my skin was soft but I knew that it would bite if I pulled too hard. Next he bound my ankles together. As he did so I felt the rope binding my wrists tug when he tightened the rope near on my ankles. The rope must run under the couch! I thought excitedly, enjoying the planning this must have taken. It impressed me, but then most of what he does tends to impress me.

I paused in my thought process as I realized I couldn’t sense him in the room any longer. I strained to try and figure out where he may be. I couldn’t hear him, couldn’t see him and the scent of the candle was messing with the scent of him so I couldn’t even smell him. I pouted.

A soft and slightly moist q-tip touched my lips. Vasoline. I thought to myself. My dentist does this before she works on my teeth, but to have it done now, here, could only mean that I was going to be in this position for a while. I quickly ran through the submissive check list. Did I need to pee? No. Am I thirsty? A little. But before I could speak that request a cup of water was lifted to my lips. Sip. Don’t chug. Sir’s voice rang through my head. I don’t know if he actually said it or not, but he says it every time he hands me water so I knew the order was there anyway. I sipped. Cold water. When I was finished and had my fill, he took the cup away… and drizzled the ice cold water down my back.

I screeched, and giggled and inhaled deeply. The cane came down on the back of my upper thighs and I knew we had started the punishment portion of this scene. I yelped and tried to jump away and then gasped when I realized how well I was bound. Shit! No don’t curse, and definitely not out loud! I thought to myself.

Tears sprang to my eyes when the next strike hit. Directly across a series of bruises he had given me a few days before. I am such a masochist that I often end the night with bruises and he knows it. But this was punishment, and meant to hurt.

A flogger brushed across my back, lightly at first but harder with every swing. He was prepping my skin to take more. Bringing the blood to the surface, turning on every nerve from the back of my neck down to my ankles.

Whip. Cane. Flogger. Whip. The patter predictable, the level of pain from each one seemingly random. He played me like an instrument. I couldn’t decide if I liked the pain or not and every time I thought I didn’t he would touch my pussy and wipe my wetness across my lower back, showing me how much I did in fact enjoy this.

I moaned when the cane slapped over my shoulder blades. That’s my favorite spot. I love the fire that breaks out over the skin and then the ice that lifts away any tension or stress I’d been hiding there. It’s almost like a massage but with a kinky bite to it.

I inhaled deeply and exhaled loudly. It felt good. It hurt, but it was a good kind of pain. His hands gripped both sides of my behind and he slammed himself into me. He fucked me hard. No mercy. My newly reddened ass hitting his stomach as he shoved himself all the way to the hilt. The coolness of his skin burned on mine. I got close to cumming and he pulled out.

The headphones came off. “Suck” he ordered. I thought briefly of ignoring him again but decided it wise to obey instead. I opened my mouth and waited. He had moved back behind me and fucked me again instead. “DO NOT CUM” he ordered breathlessly as he shoved into me over and over again. I heard the word cum and did. Nooooo! I thought to myself but I could not have stopped myself if I had tried. I was primed and ready and it just flowed out of me. I figured since I was already cumming, I might as well ride the wave. He came moments after I did, forcing me to orgasm again, without permission. Again.

“You are not being a good girl tonight” He said as he pulled out of me again. His cock suddenly appeared at my mouth and he shoved it inside. “SUCK” he demanded again.

I drank him in. Cleaned my fluids off of him, sucked hard. I could have orgasmed again but I knew better than to even ask, let alone try and steal another one.

He grabbed my hair and the rope tied into it and face fucked me. I gagged a little but swallowed quickly and tried to remember to breathe as he continued. Sperm flowed into my mouth and I drank it down. Twice in ten minutes? I thought to myself. Damn. How did I get to be so lucky? And yet, here I am blindfolded, gagging on his cock, and bound over the armrest of a couch. Yes, I am definitely a masochist and a submissive.

“I hope you enjoyed those two orgasms you stole.” He said as he started to undo my bindings. “Those are the only ones you’re getting for the next three days.”

I pouted.

“I will keep you horny. Close. Ready to cum at a moments notice. But you will not cum. This is what happens to little girls who take things without asking. Who ignore Daddy’s rules. You know better. I am not pleased.” But as he said the words, he massaged my arms, making sure my circulation was okay. He rubbed aloe on my back and my legs and then carefully, almost delicately he rubbed it over my ass. And then slapped it once more with his bare hand, letting the sting linger.

“We are done for now, but only because you need a break, Little One.” He stated as he took off my blindfold. “Go write. If I want you again I’ll come get you.” He hugged me close, letting me know that it was okay and I was safe.

The Dom voice got softer and he asked if anything hurt too much. He asked how I was feeling emotionally. I thought about it. I felt good. Happy even. And definitely ready to write. I bounced off to the kitchen, eager to start. I momentarily forgot I had just finished a scene when I sat down and yelped at the feeling of the chair on my sore butt. I rubbed it softy but grinned because I enjoy it so much and sat back down.

–Autumn Lokerson

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3 thoughts on “A Sadist and a Brat

  1. Ashlyn Nauffts November 3, 2016 at 9:07 pm Reply

    So intense,,, I love it! Especially since my nickname is TheBrat.😘 I too am a Submissive.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kristy Goldblatt November 3, 2016 at 9:14 pm Reply

    OMG Autumn, Love love love it. The cane in my fav too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AC @ The Cracked Lens November 7, 2016 at 11:15 am Reply

    That was a fantastic read, very intense…



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