The Girl and The Cage



When you walk into the Loft, there are several things you see. The first is usually the Saint Andrew’s Cross in the corner. The chestnut colored wood gleaming brightly against the lavender blue walls behind it. Next your eyes focus on the many floggers and dragon tails and whips hanging along the walls, organized by size and color and type. But then your eyes are drawn to the left and you notice the giant four-post bed off to the side. And this bed is massive. It has not one, but TWO twin sized cages underneath of it. It boasts sturdiness. The frame is a dark walnut and it melds beautifully with the rich navy of the blue blankets draped over it. The pillows have little ruffles that speak of the softer side to the bed, but that cage below…

I have been to the Loft every Sunday for the past eight or nine weeks now. I love this place. This is like my second home. This is where I come to learn, to play, to feel loved and supported. This is my safe haven as a kinkster. I can be let myself shine, no matter the mood I am in that night. All of my sides are safe here. The little girl inside of me gets to play and color and even brat out when she wants. And I know that there are some incredibly talented and protective Doms and Sadists in this club. These are people who are family to me and anything I do here is watched. I am respected and I respect them back. It is amazing.

But every time Dr. Grimm and I have come to the club, I come with the desire to learn or try out something new… and ever since my very first day here my eyes have drifted over to that bed and those cages. And they have been calling to me since day one. Tonight they are practically screaming my name. I will not ignore the call any longer. My curiosity has had enough of simply enjoying the view. She wants to go into the cage. Needs to. I cannot describe the sheer desire that poured out of me as I practically drooled over their magnificence. The Brat makes an appearance in my mind. You could brat your way into there, but then you won’t get the attention you want too… so why not use the Little One? She says to me after drinking in the sight before us.

“Daddy?” the Little One inside speaks up before I even get a chance to summon her.  She clearly has been admiring the bed as well, and images of castles flash in my mind. Yes, of course the little Princess would secretly wonder about what it is like to be locked in a dungeon. The three parts of who I am all agree; this is what we want to play with tonight. And I eagerly turn back to my Dom, my Daddy and my Brat Tamer.

“Yes, Little One” Doctor Grimm responds, smirking at me.

He knows.

He has watched me stare at the delightful little prisons every Sunday. We have talked about them before. And I am certain he notices that my pulse and my breathing have increased.

“I kinda want to sit in there” I said in my best little girl voice and looked longingly back at it. The image of those 18 metal posts danced with the dark walnut gleam of the frame. It is beautiful and it whispers to me of strength. My adrenaline goes up a little more as I consider what it will look like; me crawling willingly into the hold.

“Well.” My Dom’s voice breaks through the cloud of pure lust I have. “Get in it then.” He commands quietly, daring me to do so. And I jump at the chance.

Delicately, slowly, I walk over, as if in a dream, a trance. A pull I could not resist inches me closer. By the time I am halfway across the room I almost broke out into a run towards it.

I climb into that cage… in a kink club… in a room full of Dominants, submissives and brats. I feel the room around me slow down. The conversation has dropped. And someone calls out “Uh-Oh look who is getting caged!” in a teasing and proud manner. My heart skips a beat and the little girl inside of me giggles out loud. I turn and give my brightest smile as I pull the door shut behind me and lay down inside. Doctor Grimm smirks again. “Good girl” he says simply, his eyes twinkling at me.

My friend Tempest looks over and skips towards me. “Ooooo I want in!” she breathes happily and I open the door for her. She crawls in with me and remarks at how roomy this space is. We knew it was big, after all, it is under a bed worthy of a small giant. But to be able to fit two full grown submissive brats at the same time, and only on one side… We are thoroughly impressed. As we lay there, under the bed, on the soft padding someone thoughtfully lined the cage with, we notice names written on the exposed wood above our heads. Instantly we are asking for markers so that we too can leave our mark. I write my name in big letters Autumn Lokerson was here. And I add the date. Tempest takes the marker and writes “Tempest was here too, with” and an then draws an arrow to my name. We giggle. It feels as though we have just signed our names to some invisible contract marking us as submissives, as brats, as littles. As though it is now official, our views of who we are in that moment in time. I sigh happily and then look back out through the spokes at Daddy’s feet.

The Daddy Dom in Doctor Grimm cannot resist any longer. The look of pure joy written across my face has him telling Tempest that when she’s done he wants in. She giggles and comes out. Within seconds her body is replaced with his and the cage door is shut behind him. At this point the entire room has been watching the scene unfold before them and due to the fact that another scene is about to begin on the cross, we know we are in here for a good while. No one interrupts someone else’s scene. It’s a rule. It is respectful. It is the way of this club. We are here to not just play, but to watch, to learn, to observe others playing too. And Daddy and I are about to watch an entire scene through the bars of a cage under the bed… where we will be, semi-alone, for who knows how long. My body tingles in anticipation of all the dirty little things we could do while in here.

“You’re stuck in here with me, Little Dove” Daddy says to me and I shiver. His voice is soft and it whispers over the crick of my neck just below the ear. The nerves there come alive. I stretch so that he is nuzzling my neck and I feel his teeth pick at the skin there. For a moment it is hot, soft and wet and in the next there is a quick sharp prick of his bite. I moan against his shoulder. “Shhhhhhh” he quietly berates me. “Don’t interrupt the other scene” he orders and slips a hand under the blanket I have wrapped around us. He goes straight for my pussy. It is deliciously soaked already and he slips two fingers into me. “Someone is enjoying herself”. His words against my hair, barely audible even to my ears. Mhmmmmmm I agree happily, nodding at him.

He pumps in and out of me and then grabs my clit and pinches it hard. I suck in air hard, trying to remind myself to keep quiet. His quiet chuckle barely registers in my mind as I concentrate on the pleasure coming from the pain. My eyes close and my head tilts backwards. I feel him crawl down my body, licking and sucking as he goes. But he takes it further and bites here and there too. I almost wish I had a gag in to keep me from crying out. Gripping the bars to the door behind me I flip over onto my back to give him better access. Teeth scrap across my clit next, as fingers continue to pump in and out of me. I arch my back and shove my body towards him, desiring more. His hand pushes on my belly, ordering me to lay flat and let him work. His eyes catch mine. I obey the nonverbal command and lay back down as he continues with his task. Soft and flat he runs his tongue over the length of my clit. He sucks and teasingly bites and then turns and sinks his teeth into my inner thigh, hard. Sucking and biting, he watches as I squirm and finally breathe out the word “Yellow!” as quietly as I possibly can, but with an urgency that tells him I probably should have said it sooner. “Thank you” he breathes and smiles. “Next time, you yellow as soon as you need to, not when you think I want you too” he orders and goes right back to sucking on my little button. “Yessssss….. Sirhhhhh”. The words shake out of me. And then I feel a finger rub over my little butthole and I suck back in whatever air I just released. Oh god that felt good! I think to myself and I look at him in shock and awe.

He pushes the finger against me a little harder as he holds my gaze. His expression is clearly asking if I am okay with that and I nod furiously as I lean back onto the mat and feel him push again. He pumps his finger in and out, a tiny bit at a time. Other fingers on the same hand find my pussy again and teeth scrap the inside of my other thigh. Oh god, oh god, oh god. All coherent thought escapes me as pleasure rolls through me. I have never enjoyed this so much. The deeper inside my butt that he goes, the closer to orgasm I get. I am thoroughly confused by my body’s reaction and yet I find myself moving in rhythm with his hand, desperate for more of it in my ass. Need pools in me. Lust, ready to scream her escape, is silenced by the reminder that there is another scene going on behind me. I turn and squirm, needing something to help me silence the orgasm building. Doctor Grimm moves so that I am on my side and he is behind me, but his fingers never leave my body. I move with him, guided by that hand. His other arm goes under my head. I turn to muffle my moans into him and he leans down towards me “Cum for me, Little Dove”.

I explode. As silently as I can muster. The thrill of having to keep quiet with every fiber of my being on fire pushes me harder and my eyes roll into the back of my head. Suddenly I feel my skirt is soaked… I squirted. All over him. All over me. All over the bottom of this cage. Oh Crap! I freak out a little and look at him, because I’ve just made a mess and as I move I can feel just how soaked my skirt is. “Sorry, Daddy” I whisper at him, a little embarrassed at just how messy it seems I was. His expression is one of shock and he shakes his head at me. “Don’t be” he says and continues his assault on my body. Teeth again. Nails again. Fingers in my butt. Fingers thrusting in and out of my holes. I cannot think any longer. I am nothing but feelings and every single one of them is white hot with pleasure. I cum again. Equally hard. I squirt again, but this time I am not embarrassed by it and I soar into the heights of subspace.

As the orgasm patters off I try to catch my breath. “Wow.” I breathe. Impressed again. “Wow.” I repeat. He laughs quietly. “Go get cleaned up” he says. The scene outside of the cage has ended and I see that the women who were on the crosses are now laying happily and sated on mats at the feet of them. Blankets are wrapped around each woman and the Doms who were involved are already ensuring that they have cuddles and water and love. I quietly sneak out of the cage and rush downstairs to my bag where I thankfully had the foresight to pack a spare change of clothes. As quickly as I can I slink out of my wet clothes and into a pair of yoga pants and a tank top. I forgo the extra pair of panties I brought and run back upstairs. Doctor Grimm is still in the cage, awaiting my return. I don’t know why I was worried. Of course he’s still there. Proper Aftercare has become extremely important to him and he knows I will want the aftercare in the cage where the orgasms happened. I crawl back in and smile up at him. He twists and turns so that I am above him. “Use your mouth” he says and pushes my head down towards his waiting cock. As gracefully as I can I slither under the blanket he holds up and put my mouth around him. I suck. I pull him into my mouth as I remember the way he sucked me. I bob up and down and try to make sure that I give as good as I got. I hear him grunt and he pulls my hair, tugging me back up. I trail kisses along his pelvis, his belly and his chest as I go and then just before I reach his neck I slide myself down onto him. We both moan together. He lets go of my hair and grabs the back of my neck pulling me down and into him. Our hips move together and I’m not sure who is moving whom. His other hand grabs hold of my hip and slams me down as he cums deep inside me. My orgasm is quick to follow and we release together. I count the times I feel his seed pumping inside of me. I love that feeling. I love that I can feel it. We lay there for a bit, basking in the ecstasy we just created.

“I think it’s time we move to the bed” he suggests. Sleepily I agree. Someone hands me another blanket when I crawl back out of the cage. Another body helps me onto the bed. Doctor Grimm follows me and hands me hot chocolate. Which lovely person there had the wherewithal to think of it, I don’t know but I dance internally at the thought that we were watched that closely. Yes…. This is why we come here. Because we know that not only are we going to have an incredible scene, but that we will be cared for all the way through our kink. From the moment we enter the club, and all week long, we are protected. We are watched. We are surrounded by family. And I slip into sleep on Doctor Grimm’s arm as I bathe in the love that surrounds this place.


The Loft is a real place. We offer education in kink and a safe space to play. For more information, please click one of the following:

The LoftNC Official Webpage
The LoftNC Facebook Page
The LoftNC on FetLife
The LoftNC Twitter Page

I would love to believe that all of my readers have a safe haven to play in, but I know that realistically this is not the case and many of you are still seeking your kinky home. Know that it took me fifteen years to find this place, so if it’s been a while and you’re ready to give up, don’t! Start your own little group. Check out for local kink minded individuals. Check on Fetlife. But whatever you do, be safe about it! Healthy kink families are few and far between sometimes but they DO EXIST!

Lots of Love,
— Autumn Lokerson

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